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The power of 4 protective shields will prevent anyone in your office from sending or receiving infected emails, from downloading risky files, and will also block access to dangerous websites.


360,000 new malware strains are created daily. Cybercapture analyses suspicious files and zero-day threats from around the globe so your virus database is always up to date.


Thorough but unobtrusive. Smart Scan has been designed to run without slowing down your PC, skipping over non-vulnerable parts of your systems to maximize its efficacy and save you time.


An impenetrable firewall will keep you secure without slowing down your business. Completely customizable, you can easily adjust your settings according to your needs.


BitLocker encrypts your laptop or desktop hard disk to protect the data if devices are lost or stolen.

BitLocker offers multiple modes of operation, ranging from entirely transparent to the user to requiring a sophisticated password to even boot the system or access any data.

By being provided by Microsoft, BitLocker is tightly integrated into Windows 10. This makes deployment of BitLocker simple, ensuring that your all of your business’ data is safe even if a thief gets one of your PC’s.

At JCIT, we always use the most secure configuration of BitLocker to ensure that nobody will be able to access your data without prior authorisation.

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